printable valentine bookmarks for kids

As a mom and an educator, I prefer Valentine printables, because :

  • They are unique, it's less likely another child in my town will have the same ones.
  • They are economical for the quality.
  • I don't have to go to the store and find the store is out of the valentine cards I want.

Printable Valentines Cards Bookmarks

As a mom and an educator, I prefer Valentine's bookmarks over cards.

Honestly, my kids/students receive a lot of fun/sweet cards but once Valentine's day is over, the cards just sit in a pile until mess or tossing out occurs.

I made these bookmarks because I like the facts :

  • Bookmarks can be used over and over¬†
  • Bookmarks inadvertently promote Reading.
  • When my Gen-Z kids were in school, there wasn't a set of valentines bookmarks offered anywhere to buy.

Check out the bookmarks above. 

I also offer a printable Valentine's Day Mat.

May you have a Valentine's Day full of kindness and love.

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