The Weekly $25 Dollar Savings Plan is a popular Savings Jar Plan method. For many people, it's easier to put a small specific amount of money into a Savings Jar each week. 

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Money Jar Savings Plan

Saving $25 Dollars a week is easy to develop as a habit. 

Consistent practice equals consistent results.

Consistent results mean consistent Money Jar Savings cash.

This Printable Savings Tracker can help you stay motivated as you continue to put cash into the $25 a Week Savings Jar. 

Saving Money In a Jar Tracker

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When you put money into the Savings Jar, color in the circle with the appropriate amount.  

When every circle is filled in, you will have saved $100 dollars. 


  • In a year's time, you will have saved $1,300 using the Weekly $25 Savings Jar Plan.

I use this $25 Savings Jar Plan to save money. I have not always saved $100 in a month. However, using the printable I have tracked my Savings amount and made up the lost amount in the next month.

Besides blue, this printable comes in Lilac, Salmon, and Black and White to add a little pizazz to our Saving Habits.

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